Clean Office CARBON – Ozone and fine dust filter for laser printers and photocopiers

Clean Office CARBON

Easy breathing in the office: Clean Office CARBON filters fine dust, ozone, benzol, toluol and volatile organic compounds.

People who use printers, photocopiers or fax machines working with toner know about the phenomenon: Already after a short time the air is really polluted. The respiratory tracts become dry or irritated and it smells unpleasantly. The reason for this circumstance are fine dust and nanoparticles but also flavors that are harmful to our health. Amongst others these are ozone, benzol, toluol as well as volatile organic compounds (VOC).

Our product Clean Office CARBON filters these harmful substances
and does additionally protect you against fine dust and unpleasant odors!

The filter consists of a patented filter media with an electrostatically charged honey comb structure as well as an additional activated carbon layer. The independent test laboratory “fiatec – Filter & Aerosol Technologie GmbH” tested the Clean Office CARBON filter with following result: the ozone reduction efficiency is about 95 %.

TÜV Nord

As the materials are high-grade permeable there is rarely resistance, the ventilation performance will not be impaired (confirmed by test certificates of TÜV Nord).

Filter efficiency: 6 – 12 months, according to printers use
Filter size: 150 x 120 mm, available as single or double packs

Easy to use: Remove the adhesive tape and stick it on the air outlet. Please find out how to stick the filter to your printer to receive optimal protection against toner fine dust and nanoparticles: link to compatibility list

Comparison new / used filter


Comparison new / used filter

The filter is “Made in Germany” and is produced at the Riensch & Held factory in Hamburg.

You are only looking for a fine dust filter?
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