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More efficient than all previously sold printer filters

A dust particle visible to the human eye has a size of 500 micrometers = 0,5 mm.
In contrast, a fine dust particle that is no longer visible to us is smaller than 10 micrometers = 0,01 mm.
And the finer these particles are, the easier and deeper an absorption via the respiratory tract into the blood circulation can take place, thus also into the organs.
It is also called overcoming the blood-air barrier.
The new printer filter CLEAN OFFICE PRO is more powerful than all previously sold printer filters.

TÜV Nord

• Best filter performance with up to 96%* depth efficiency (tested by TÜV 11/2019).
• Filters up to 96%* of all fine and ultra-fine dust particles (< 0,1 micrometer) from laser printers.
• The filter achieves its depth effectiveness due to electrostatic charge.
• Provides additional protection against volatile organic compounds (VOC).
• Capacity of up to 80.000 pages or up to 12 months with a time change indicator in the filter.
• Housing made of recycled ABS.
• No overheating of the printer (confirmed)

Remove the adhesive tape and stick it on the air outlet.

Easy to use: Remove the adhesive tape and stick it on the air outlet. Please find out how to stick the filter to your printer to receive optimal protection against toner fine dust and nanoparticles:compatibility

Comparison new / used filter

            Comparison new / used filter

The filter is “Made in Germany” and is produced at the Riensch & Held factory in Hamburg.  

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Nach 12 Monaten können Sie den gesättigten Feinstaubfilter bedenkenlos in Ihrem Hausmüll entsorgen.