Toner dust protection cabin “Carbon-GD” with split cover

Toner dust protection cabin “Carbon-GD” with split cover
Toner dust protection cabin “Carbon-GD” with split cover

Especially for printers with inward blowing ventilators or without ventilators it is recommended to use the toner dust protection cabin “Carbon-GD” as thus all emissions from these machines can be filtered at one point. As a matter of course, the cabin “Carbon-GD” does also work with printers featuring outward blowing ventilators with the same effectiveness.

General Description:

  • the plexiglass pane (PMMA) is divided at the front side of the housing
  • the upper cap is bent and has a leg length in front of about 150 mm respectively 330 mm at GD-330
  • the flap can be opened downwards and is held on both sides by a magnetic lock
  • the resulting gap between cap and flap is covered by a special aluminum profile
  • colour: RAL 7035 light grey
  • low-heat cable as printer connection cable
  • quality gas pressure damper for secure hold of the glass pane in every position
  • data cable openings that close automatically
  • a blowing ventilator (35 dBA; 78 m³/h) with a Clean Office Carbon filter at the back side
  • plug for non-heating devices for printer and ventilator all-in-one
  • an air entrance covered by a metal grid D = 60 mm in the left side wall
  • exterior lighted central switch for printer and ventilator at the back wall
  • due to the use of melamine-coated MDF as cabinet material a high stability is achieved
Toner dust protection cabin “Carbon-GD” with split cover backside
Toner dust protection cabin “Carbon-GD” with split cover backside


For assigning the printer to the housing please proceed as follows:

1. Measure your printer (width x depth x height) and pay particularly attention to the fact:

  • that all accessories are mounted (e.g. paper trays).
  • that paper may overhang
  • that plugs and electricity supply may overhang
  • that possible fixed clacks can be brought into all positions

2. Please add as follows:

  • to the width: 100 mm
  • to the depth: 100 mm
  • to the height: 70 mm

3. Please choose the corresponding housing from the list.

  • You can also choose a housing that is bigger than the calculated dimensions.
The following cabines are in the program:
article No. measure W x D x H mm
Carbon86GD 510 x 530 x 320
Carbon90GD 450 x 500 x 400
Carbon109GD 520 x 500 x 420
Carbon125GD 460 x 660 x 420
Carbon128GD 520 x 550 x 450
Carbon132GD 550 x 600 x 400
Carbon172GD 550 x 600 x 520
Carbon187GD 520 x 600 x 600
Carbon212GD 660 x 700 x 460
Carbon208GD-330 640 x 600 x 540
Carbon258GD-330 620 x 650 x 640
Carbon290GD-330 620 x 650 x 720